Earl Feltham

Earl Feltham spent four seasons as marine engineer on Labrador fishing schooner the Sherman Zwicker

Earl Feltham was born on Deer Island in 1937. His father Ephraim, was a fisherman and a carpenter. In 1953, when Earl was 16 years old, Ephraim and his wife Suzy moved their family to Glovertown.
Earl went on to St. John’s where he attended the College of Fisheries (now the Marine Institute) and spent six seasons working on vessels along the Labrador coast.

Earl moved on to become a heavy equipment mechanic, working for various companies including 15 years with Transport Canada before retiring.

Having learned boat building from his father, Earl built his first boat when he was about 19 years old. It was a 14 foot long punt, built from his father’s moulds. Since then, Earl has built a number of punts, speed boats, and a 38 foot long cabin cruiser. In 2012, Earl built a speed boat with friend Gerald Perry in Glovertown. Built with steamed laths, Earl and Gerald used a set of full-size moulds made by Earl 20 years prior and used to build 7 or 8 boats previously.

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