Stewart Sturge’s Rodney


[Download a PDF of this Drawing]

Built over winter 2011-2012, her knees were taken from a juniper (tamarack) tree that was uprooted during Hurricane Igor. All the wood for this rodney was harvested by Stewart and his wife Julia.

The keel and stem are cut from spruce, she’s framed with steam-bent juniper laths 1 1/4 inch wide by 1/2 inch thick, and finished with 1/2 inch fir planks.

Stewart’s rodney in Salvage

“My father and grandfather used to have one like this that they used for hunting birds and seals in the wintertime. She wasn’t too heavy for getting around.”

Punt or Rodney? 

“As I was told, a rodney is 14-16 feet. Once you go over that, 16-19 feet, it would be a punt. A punt is little bit bigger than a rodney.” – Stewart Sturge

At 16 feet, Stu’s rodney might be also be considered a punt. What do you think?

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