Vernon Petten: Longliners

Vernon Petten, Port de Grave

C.B: “How did you learn how to build boats?”

V.P: “I’ll tell ya now… you just never had to be afraid to start.”

“Ill tell ya now…”

When the Pettens needed a new larger fishing boat, Henry Petten began to consider who they would hire to build her. “We’ll do it ourselves,” said his son Vernon.

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Vernon Petten

Hibb's Cove, Port de Grave, 1960s
Hibb’s Cove, Port de Grave, 1960s; Credit: Dave Quinton

“When I started fishing first, there was one fish in the water. That was cod,” said Vernon Petten, fisherman and boat builder from Port de Grave, Conception Bay.

“We’ve been at this through thick and thin. My father, my grandfather, great-grandfather down.”

Vern started fishing when he was old enough to get aboard the boat. He was only five years old when he accompanied his grandfather, John William Petten, on his last trip out.

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